To: Eleanor:

RE: Class of '53

All of the living classmates have been sent three mailings. In addition, phone calls to some have been made. There has been no response by class members listed in the attachment. Therefore, limited effort should be spent by the Labor Intense Follow-up Committee to contact and encourage classmates to attend the September 21-23 reunion. An exception to this comment would be those who have been lost to follow-up. Maybe concerted effort to locate these individuals is warranted.

Members of your committee consist of Mel Fenson, Dan Buchly, Cornelia Magee Platt, Betty Boellner Jones, Dale Carlton and Janne Gross Murphy. Please look over the list of classmates provided on the attachment and divide them among your group to contact and encourage them to participate in the reunion activities. I think the names of individuals in Roswell should be assigned to Dale Carlton because he and Marvin Southworth have already contacted them, and they would know whether or not the classmates plan to attend. The classmates must send in their $50 registration fee and state whether or not they will participate in the Friday evening reception and Sunday morning brunch. If they are going to go to the September 22nd class reunion dinner, they must give their choice of chicken or rib eye steak.

This follow-up activity should be completed within two weeks so we will have the numbers necessary to order food, set up tables and give a head count for the Friday evening reception and Sunday morning brunch.

The turnout for the combined '52-53-54 class reunion is surprisingly good. To date, about 240 classmates and guests have paid their registration fees. Many of them have been extremely enthusiastic about participating in the reunion. It appears that it is going to be an overwhelming success. I ask you to contact those that are procrastinating in giving their response only because it is my nature to include all of those who could benefit from a joyous reunion.



March 3, 2007

From Oliver Owen to Charles Gentry

The status of the work that needs to be done will probably not be accurately assessed before June 22, 2007, 90 days before the reunion. However, I offer you a current assessment.

Treasurer, Classes of 1952-’53: Roetta Pickering Keever has set up a bank account. She will be assisted by Tommie Dunahoo, if she has recovered enough from back surgery.
Class of ’52: You sent me a list of 1952 classmates that will help. You need to select names for various committee activities.
Class of ’53: Roetta will chair the sign-in or registration committee. Patricia Lodewick and Sally Espinosa Segovia will assist with registration between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon. In addition, Donna Lemmons Ellis will help, providing her husband’s health allows her to participate.
Class of ’54: Lyman Lea will stand in the line for the 1954 classmates to greet them as they register.
Hospitality: Jeannine Hooper Byron is in charge. Jeannine will seek the help of others as she thinks will be necessary to oversee refreshments between 10:00 a.m. and 12 noon.
Lodging: Information has been sent to out-of-towners.
Food and drink: Larry Barbour, RuDell Russell Quinn, et al have selected the menu for lunch and dinner with wine. Tablecloths, napkins and glasses are included. The cost is $42.00 per person. This does not include cocktails before dinner – a cash bar will be available.
Reunion web site: Mel Fenson has a reunion web site that classmates can access: www.coloradomagazine.net
Master of ceremonies: Steve Henderson has assumed this responsibility.
Insurance: Steve Henderson can arrange for the necessary insurance.
Security guards: Raul Castro will provide 1 guard per 100 classmates; 6 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Estimated 300 classmates - 3 guards for 6 hours @ $45.00 per hour = $270.00
Finances: In addition to lunch and dinner, we will still have debts for the RCCC, security guards, morning refreshments, centerpieces, postage and mailings, name tags, etc. It is likely that there will be a shortage of money from the $50.00 registration fee.
If there is a Friday night get-together for the 1954 class and a Sunday morning brunch for the 1952-‘53-‘54 classes at Sally Port, fees for these activities will have to be “charged at the gate.” Other activities, such as class photos for the 1954 class will also have to be charged.

Follow-up: Contacting classmates who do not respond by June 22 is a labor-intense committee. For the class of 1953, Eleanor Bassett Schrimsher will chair this committee and be assisted by Janne Gross Murphy, Mel Fenson, Dan Buchly, Cornelia McGee Platt, Betty Boellner Jones, and Dale Carlton. Several of these individuals were selected because they live outside Roswell and, hopefully, will follow up on other classmates living outside Roswell. However, I have some concern about this committee because I have had less contact with several of them than I have had with many Roswellites. Like you, I will also take personal responsibility to make sure as many classmates as possible are contacted and encouraged to participate in the joint reunion.
Directory: An updated directory for each classmate can be provided at the registration desk.
Music: Eleanor Bassett Schrimsher is going to provide CDs with songs of the 50’s, and Mel Fenson is going to set up the CD player (electronic system). Dale Carlton will select the site where music can be played and couples can dance.
Name Tags: Sammy Hammonds and Faye Crouse accepted responsibility for this task. We need a follow-up confirmation.
Invitations to former schoolteachers: Carol Henderson accepted this responsibility. The number of these guests needs to be known.
Centerpieces for dinner tables: Levo Miller and his wife, Nancy, will oversee this job. A cost estimate has not been given.
Photography: Carolyn Johnson is in charge of 1954 class. No professional photos for 1952 and 1953 classes.
On the ground troops: Roetta Pickering Keever, Marvin Southworth, Dale Carlton, Alice Long Eppers and Carolyn Startzman Johnson. Sally Saunders Toles and Marlayne Milner Ribbach are overseers. These troops will spot problems and aid in correcting them.

Recently deceased 1953 classmates: Ray Conn, Nanette Dudley Rude and Kenneth Rogers.

I will arrive in Roswell Wednesday night, September 19th and will be able to check on activities.

“Rally the classmates!”

Your reunion partner, Oliver