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Named after his original Hungry Toad pub in London, proprietor Terry Morton, opened the Hungry Toad in Boulder in July 1991. The Hungry Toad, offers a warm, cozy atmosphere and good food that attracts a regular crowd of locals and many others, who discover its quaint charm.

With a name that is typical of the fanciful and whimsical names the British give their pubs, such as The Pig and Whistle, The Fat Lady's Arms, The Rooster And Toad ,The Brick and the Plough, The Swan, The Dog and Duck, The Blue Boar, and of course, The Red Lion, The Hungry Toad’s name dates back to an old English literary reference.

The Toad’s red brick walls are colorfully decorated with a variety of English advertising signage brought from the original Hungry Toad in England. Painted tin signs that adorn the pub’s walls were once promotions for a variety of British products, such as Camp Coffee with Chicory, Rudge-Whitworth Bicycles, Cadbury’s Chocolates, Punch Magazine, and Dunville’s Whiskey.

Popular English and Irish brews on tap at the Toad include Guinness Stout - with its creamy, bitter, roasty character, and Newcastle Brown Ale - a medium light-bodied ale, brewed with both pale and dark caramel malts. It has a reddish-brown hue, a mild bitterness, and aromas that hint of sweetness and caramel character. Another ale on tap is Old Speckled Hen - a light cream pale ale that is similar to Boddingtons, which is also on tap - it's from Manchester, England and known as the cream of Manchester. Other beers on draft are Harp Larger, brewed by Guiness, and Fullers ESB - which has a rich amber hue, a toasty malt aroma and a rich hoppy flavor. There’s also always a seasonal tap - currently Steamworks Larger - from Durango, Colorado. The Toad combines Fullers ESB and Guiness for its popular Black and Tan. A local beer on tap is Belgium Brewery’s Fat Tire from nearby Fort Collins. The pub also offers a variety of domestic and imported bottled beers, plus a full bar. The Toad draws a generous 20 oz English Imperial pint.

The Hungry Toad’s pub fare offers a wide choice of English, American, Italian, Mexican, and Continental favorites - including appetizers, salads, sandwiches and entrees. Fish Chips tops the list of favorites, which also includes the pub’s tasty selection of hamburgers and English specialties, such as Shepherd's Pie and Bangers and Mash. Many items are priced under $10.

Happy Hour is
Monday-Friday 3pm-6pm.

Brunch is served on
Saturday and Sunday from
10am until 2pm.

The Hungry Toad is located
at 2543 North Broadway
in Boulder.

Open Mon-Fri 11am - 10pm
Sat & Sun 10am - 10pm


The menu is available at :