Internationally acclaimed glass artist and designer, Mary Barron, along with her husband Rick Barron, formed Adagio Art Glass in Boulder in 2003 to design and market fused glass art and architectural accent items. Her fused glass tiles, murals, artwork, jewelry, accessories, and architectural decor pieces are marketed throughout the U.S.

Mary developed her fused glass art design technique over a period of two decades of studies in glass design and production techniques. Her designs have been influenced by her classical arts education and by her work as a commercial artist. Mary's work exhibits her playful sense of creativity and reflects her classical art training.

Her fused glass art has been displayed at numerous invitational and juried shows and is part of many private and commercial collections in the United States, Canada and Europe. In 2003, Mary was one of a select group of international artists invited to the Fourth International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy. In 2004, her work was selected by the U.S. Department of State for the Art in Embassies program, where she shared the honor with well known artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Dale Chihuly.

How Fused Glass is Made

Adagio glass pieces are individual works of art, uniquely crafted and fired, with as many as seven layers of multi-colored glass. Each layer has different shapes and is hand-cut to a precise size. After the layers are assembled, the pieces are then fired at precise temperatures and timings with seven separate steps. They are then rapidly cooled from nearly 1500 degrees to 1000 degrees and annealed for 8 to 12 hours. At this point, the glass layers become molecularly aligned into a single piece of fused glass.

In addition to Adgio’s catalogue products, Mary accepts commissioned custom mural and tile projects. She notes that, “Every piece of glass we make is a singular work, unique in the world, created by hand and mind.” Her ongoing quest is to, “ new ways to create works of beauty and art from fused glass."

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