Francisco Grippa is internationally renowned for his colorful and flamboyant paintings of the exotic vegetation and creatures of the Amazonian Basin region in Peru.

He works from his spacious native-built home, which sits
atop a hill in Pevas, a village of about 2,500 people. Grippa's home overlooks the Río Ampiyacu and provides a spectacular jungle view of the surrounding rainforest, dotted with coconut palms and thatched roof houses of the native population. His home serves as both a studio and gallery and provides a major attraction for visitors to the nearby village of Pevas.

A native of Peru, born of Peruvian and Hungarian parents, Grippa studied art in Paris, London and New York. He exhibits in the United States.

His painting technique employs the use of both canvas and Oje, which is a native cloth made from the bark from a fig tree. He works with both oils and acrylics.

Grippa's work represents a unique impressionistic interpretation of the forms and colors of jungle vegetation and rainforest inhabitants. It  also relects the influence of Jackson Pollock, the American abstract painter who was famous for splattering his canvasses with paint, as well as that of the French impressionists.

Francisco graciously welcomes visitors to his studio/gallery, where they can chat with him, view his work and purchase his paintings, which range in price from $250 to over $5,000.

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