Zooming Florence          
Story and Photos by Kelly Fenson-Hood                       












































Firenze is a hectic northern Italian city, famous for its art and architecture. 

But to see its wonderful sights, one must learn to cope with this city's  mass of zooming cars, zooming mopeds and zooming people. 

City life here is fast-paced, non-stop, absolute craziness. The cars speed
50-mph through narrow cobble-stone streets, while swarms of mopeds are also zooming - like angry hornets - in every direction, weaving in and out between
the cars and pedestrian traffic.

Another mad race also rallies on at the same time - crowds of walkers, hurrying to get somewhere. The walkers are comprised of two groups of people - wandering tourists, who donít know where they are or how to get to where they are going and zooming locals. The tourists walk very slowly because they are always looking at maps or up at the street signs, instead of looking ahead. The locals know exactly where they are going and are in a constant rush to get there. They plow through anyone and everyone in their way, especially slow-walking tourists.

This continuous chaotic traffic jam is further complicated when the  worlds of cars, mopeds and people collide. The sidewalks are so narrow that two people cannot walk side-by-sideÖ so, the overflow of people walk in the streets. This guarantees that pedestrians will be always be in the way when cars and mopeds come zooming by. Drivers pressing to get where they need to be have to negotiate the crowds and traffic every day. So, instead of slowing down, they speed up, out of frustration, and donít stop. So walkers have to always be on the alert and get out of the way, fast! 

Somehow, though, everyone usually gets out of the way in time and the motorized traffic, unconscious of pedestrians, speeds on by.

And the great cathedrals, museums and art galleries conti
nue to fill up  every day with masses of new admirers.