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Santa Fe, New Mexico
is an exciting town to visit, for its history and culture is reflected both in its art and food.  Outstanding restaurants abound, and at much more reasonable pricing than you might find in nearby centers of cuisine…Aspen, Vail or Denver.

A friend who loves Santa Fe has reminded me for years to check out Tia Sophia’s for the best red chile he’s ever had.   He’ll get a tear in his eye speaking about it.   It’s hot, but not that hot, in spite of the menu’s disclaimer “Not responsible for too hot chile.”   

Tia Sophia’s is full of locals and natives, critical when looking for good food and value in any resort or “destination location.”    It was great for my family passing through post New Year’s.   The small dining room was full after a busy lunch; two parties waited ahead of us, but we were seated fairly quickly.   We picked various combinations to try all the basics: tamales, enchiladas, tacos, tostadas, and chilis relleños; and all well were well made, with a choice of “red or green,” made from scratch, not greasy pinto beans, and decent Spanish rice.    Service was a bit spotty, somewhat exuberant and after the busy holiday they were out of a few things, like sour cream. The food was fine and the large sopaipillas, which we filled with honey,  were exceptional .  You'll find  Tia Sophia’s at 210 W San Francisco, Santa Fe, N.M., 938-9880.   Breakfast 7-11 am (Huevos Rancheros!), Lunch 11 am~, Mon-Sat.  No alcohol.   (Don’t expect lunch after 2:00!)   

If the place is too busy for you to wait, try the award winning restaurants around the corner, Café Pasquale and Mark Miller’s Coyote Café. 
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Joseph Boches, operates Consulting a la Carte, Inc., a professional service for the food industry, and teaches culinary arts at Johnson and Wales University’s Denver Campus.   Executive chef positions include the Denver Petroleum Club; as well as other fine clubs in California, Pennsylvania and New York. He opened the kitchens in Pelican Pete’s, Boulder, Denver and Scottsdale, Arizona; the Denver Buffalo Company and Boulder Breadworks.   Boches was chef-proprietor in his own, acclaimed, Boulder restaurant, À la Carte.   He has also worked as a sales specialist, in the Rocky Mountain region, for Italco Food Products, a supplier of fine domestic and imported foods. Chef Boches lives with his family in Niwot, Colorado. Joe can be contacted at: