Recalling the sound of steam engines of a past era, puffing along the tracks which run through Boulder County, the Valmont Railroad Museum is collecting and restoring retired railway equipment to preserve its historical importance. Operated by the Boulder County Railway Historical Society (BCRHS), the museum site is located next to Valmont Butte, at Valmont and Indian Roads, east of Boulder. The society was formed in 1997 to assist the City of Boulder in the restoration of several pieces of narrow gauge railroad equipment, which are now displayed in Boulder’s downtown Central Park. The BCRHS's goal is to preserve historical railway equipment and educate the public about the history of railroads in Boulder County.

The idea of forming the Valmont Railroad Museum was sparked, when the BCRHS was offered a Colorado and Southern boxcar as a donation in 2000. The museum site was established when BCRHS leased a small section of track and the adjoining land from the Union Pacific Railroad in Valmont. The track is part of the original Denver & Boulder Valley main line into Boulder, which was constructed in the early 1870's.

The society is currently in the process of restoring its collection of railway equipment, and plans call for some of it to be operational in the future, after restoration has been completed. Several pieces of railroad equipment at the site are currently eligible for listing on the State register of Historic Places. Plans call for the museum to represent a small short line or branch line railroad terminal. The BCRHS hopes the museum will eventually be able to offer short rides to visitors. Presently, only one track is in place at the display site. In order to accommodate the entire equipment collection, the addition of more trackage is planned. The BCRHS would also like to provide visitors the opportunity to learn how to run a diesel locomotive and to learn the basics about railroad jobs, such as those of a brakeman or conductor. The museum will be available for school field trips and tours by other groups.

Also of historical significance is nearby Valmont Butte, which is a sacred tribal site. Before pioneers settled in the Boulder Valley, the Valmont area and Boulder County were once home to the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Ute, Lakota and other Plains Indians. Valmont Butte was traditionally used for a variety of ceremonial purposes. A sweat lodge still stands there.

Another point of historical interest in the area is the remains of the original Valmont Stage Stop, built by Tommy Jones in 1860. It was there to welcome the stagecoach and served as a boarding house. It stands in a park area adjacent to the Railroad Museum.

Stage Stop

The Valmont settlement's original old stone schoolhouse also still stands a few blocks away.

Valmont Schoolhouse

To reach the Valmont Railroad Museum, drive east on Valmont Road to 61st street - at the Valmont Butte, then turn left on 61st and take the first left turn, which is Indian Road. Follow Indian Road west ,about two blocks, to the railroad equipment site. There is an adjacent open space area and parking at the site.

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