RHS Class of '54 Recollections






Remembering the
High School Clubs
at RHS

by Gene Whitehead
Class of 1954

Does anyone remember the RHS fraternities, the Pards and the Friends or the girls sorority's, the Chums and Pals? After many years, they had just about run their course by the end of the 1955 school year. Who can forget, as a pledge, having to always carry gum for a member that came up and demanded to be treated. I hated for the noon bell to ring because that was a time for hazing. After each Wednesday evening Pard meeting there was always the line up to bend over and grab your ankles while each member came by with a paddle, and tried to lift you off the ground. The initiations were memorable to be sure, having to rundown the middle of main street with a dress on, corn syrup and cornflakes in your hair, and painted up with lip stick. Much of the profits from all the Pard Dances at the Women's Club were used for the "beer busts" that were held on the Clardy's Farm at The Oasis Well, supposedly the largest artisian well in the world. The Pards had the reputation for being party animals for sure. The Friends were made up mostly of jocks. There were exceptions, as my brother was an All State Center in 1948, and he was a Pard, and that is why I was asked, and expected, to become a Pard member. I still have a Pard paddle, which always brings back a lot of memories when I see it hanging the wall in my shop.