A Reunion planning meeting...
was held in Roswell at the Roswell Convention and Civic Center on September 6, 2006 to initiate plans for the one-day reunion to be held on September 22, 2007.

The meeting was chaired by Charles Gentry, class of 1952, Oliver Owen, class of 1953, and Carolyn Johnson (Startzman), class of 1954. 28 people attended the meeting, including class members from both Roswell and from out of town.

Finances and a program schedule were discussed among the class members and decisions were agreed by the group regarding these items.



From: Oliver E. Owen

Summary of Reunion Planning Meeting for RHS Classes of 1952-1953-1954
Roswell Convention & Civic Center – September 6, 2006

1952: Charles Gentry, Tommie Dunahoo, Bill Mayes, Sally Saunders Toles,
Alice Long Eppers, Sammy Hammonds, Elizabeth (Sue) Yriart Naylor.

1953: Oliver Owen, Paula Owen, Dale Carlton, Faye Crouse Stokes, Mel Fenson, Eleanor Bassett Schrimsher, Bill French, Janne Gross Murphy, Roetta
Pickering Keever, Ru Dell Russell Quinn, Marvin Southworth

1954: Carolyn Startzman Johnson, Carol Jane Henderson, Steve Henderson,
Marion Payne Riley, Larry Barbour, Sally Roberts Herbein, Wanda Parnell
Sexe, Joe Bob Clements, Mary Clements.

Reunion will be held September 22, 2007 at the Roswell Convention & Civic

Roetta Pickering Keever (1953) agreed to serve as treasurer for the classes
of 1952 and 1953. Tommie Dunnahoo (1952) agreed to serve as co-signer on
checks issued.

Carol Jane Roberts Henderson will serve as treasurer for the 1954 class.

Jeannine Hooper Byron will chair the Hospitality Committee. Hopefully she
will be assisted by members of the 1952 and 1954 classes.

Steve Henderson will make arrangements for insurance coverage required by
the RCCC.

Oliver Owen will arrange for security required by the RCCC.

Sammy Hammonds and Faye Crouse Stokes have assumed responsibility for name
tags which will contain the given name in large print, the sir / maiden / married name in smaller print, and the year of graduation on the corner of a big name tag to be hung around the neck.

Set-up of tables and chairs, for registration first and dining second, will
be overseen by Dale Carlton and Marvin Southworth.

Tommie Dunnahoo will oversee registration which will begin at 10:00 a.m.
Saturday morning and last until noon. At least two volunteers from each
class will be needed to accomplish this task.

Lunch (12:30) and dinner (7:00 p.m.) menus will be developed by Dr. Larry
Barbour and RuDell Russell Quinn. Pepper’s will cater the event. Cost per
meal will be established. A buffet lunch and sit-down evening meal with
service were recommended. In addition to meals, Pepper’s will most likely
provide beverages, with cocktails (cash bar) starting at 6:00 p.m. Whether
or not red wine will be served with white wine at dinner was in dispute
because of problems associated with carpet stains caused by red wine. Sally
Roberts Herbein and Janne Gross Murphy will work with Pepper’s to establish
what wines and alcoholic beverages will be served.

At the meeting it was stated that in addition to dishes and eating utensils,
Pepper’s provides tablecloths and napkins.

Levo and Nancy Miller will be requested to select centerpieces for the
tables, and Jeannine Hooper Byron will be asked to assist in this matter.

The overall cost for the reunion is under consideration by all 3
chairpersons and committee members. Follow-up information will be provided
on this issue. It was estimated that a fee of $50 per person would pay for
the RCCC, security guards, insurance, mailings, name tags, food and
beverages, centerpieces and debt forgiveness.

Bank accounts have been established in the past, and the class of 1954 has
maintained an account. However, apparently an account will need to be
re-established for the classes of 1952-53.

Labor-intense committees will be those that persistently contact classmates:
Chair and committee members for 1952 – to be named by Charles Gentry.
Chair for 1953 – Eleanor Bassett Schrimsher; Committee members - Janne
Gross Murphy, Mel Fenson, Dan Buchly, Cornelia Magee Platt, Betty Boellner
Jones, Dale Carlton.
Chair and committee members for 1954 – To be named by Carolyn Johnson

Steve Henderson was selected to serve as Master of Ceremonies. He is
experienced and effective. It was suggested that he add to his
responsibilities giving thanks and a blessing before dinner

We were told that the public address system needs to be evaluated and should
be in place and in excellent shape to serve our reunion. The majority of
the committee members wanted music of the ‘50s played over a system that
could be isolated so it did not interfere with conversation of class members
who were not interested in listening to the songs and/or dancing.

A silence period for the deceased classmates was recognized as a need, but
the exact form of this reverence was not decided.

No formal photographer will be engaged for this reunion. Instead, each
class will select someone to take candid photographs of their classmates and
arrange for a selection from these photographs to be submitted to Mel Fenson
who will then make them available online. Mel will have to give the chairpersons a financial estimate for this activity.

Announcements should be placed in the Roswell Daily Record newspaper,
perhaps in December and maybe again in January, regarding our planned
combined class reunion. Mel Fenson volunteered to do the write-up for the
newspaper announcement, and Alice Long Eppers said she would deliver the
announcement to the newspaper office.

RuDell Russell Quinn will chair a committee to investigate the availability
of lodging facilities for the out-of-towners. Discounted rates will be
sought for Friday and Saturday nights, September 21 and 22, 2007. This
information can be included in our next general mailing.

Charles Gentry has accepted the responsibility for investigating the
likelihood that individuals would like to participate in golf and/or tennis

Carol Henderson agreed to identify schoolteachers who taught our classes and
who would be willing to join the class members at the combined reunion.

Members of the class of 1954 plan to have a memorial table set up in the
lobby. The classes of 1952 and 1953 do not intend to do so.

**Letters detailing the reunion specifics will be mailed to all classmates
around mid-January of 2007. Responses and payment of fees will be requested
by June 22nd.

**Mel Fenson has designed a reunion website which can be accessed at
www.coloradomagazine.net. Go to the Contents page and click on “RHS” at the
bottom of the center column. E-mails and photos from classmates are