The 7,000 square-foot tropical rainforest conservatory at the Butterfly Pavilion, located in Westminster, Colorado is home to more than 1,200 live butterflies and 350 plant species from around the world.

The environment in the Conservatory is always maintained at 80 percent humidity with temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, regardless of the outside weather .

From finger-length zebra longwings to hand-sized paper kites, the Pavilion has more than 50 different species fluttering in and about the plants and pond at any one time. The Conservatory not only contains butterflies but it also has 15 land and water turtles, two doves, finches, frogs, fish and hermit crabs inhabiting its environment.

The Butterfly Pavilion purchases about 500 butterfly chrysalids each week from butterfly farms located in rainforests around the globe. The various species, which arrive in special express packages are placed in an emergence center, where the caterpillars complete their transformation by emerging from their cocoons and chrysalids to stretch their wings and take flight in the rainforest habitat and Colorado sunlight that filters through the conservatory’s windows.

During the warmer months, local butterflies are also attracted to the many colorful and nectar-filled plants that populate the Conservatory’s Outdoor Gardens.

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The Butterfly Pavilion is located at:
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