Coffee, Donuts, Wisdom and Wisecracks...







It's been going on for years. Every morning, 
the world's leading local experts in World Affairs, Local Politics, Automotive Topics, Finance, Poetry and Puns, Building Crafts, Gardening, Electricity, Construction, Fishing, World War II, RV's, Astronomy and a wide range of other topics convene to solve the world's problems... Boulder's own "Think Tank."

If you need advice on almost any problem under the sun - whether its how to deal with rebuilding a Model T Ford, finding the best deal on a new set of tires, repairing a leaky facet, fixing a carburetor or investing in a mutual fund, this is the place to get it. 

Opinions run rampant and views vary widely, but advice - you'll get.

And, you've gotta be fast on your feet to keep up with the repartees that crisscross the tables at the Donut Shop. 

And, if you're interested in Boulder history - they've got tales to tell. 

These guys and occasional gals - have been there, seen it and done it.

They were in combat in Europe and Japan, during WWII - on the aircraft carriers, in B-17's and fighters and driving jeeps around Paris, ducking fire from German 88's. 

They are carpenters, mechanics, project managers, plumbers, electricians, entrepreneurs, teachers, coaches and travelers.

And when they gather, the fireworks fly and boy, do they have good times at Daylight.

You don't want to miss a day at Daylight because you might miss out on some fun... or advice.

One of the regulars, Brownlee, a former Boulder County Game Warden, summed it up nicely, when he stated, "Oh, I get a lot of advice around here, but, I don't use any of it."

And Karen is always 
there with a smile 
to serve up fresh 








































Freddie, who can always be counted on for a cheerful word, and Art, are regulars.




Lyndon Switzer, 100 years old is the senior member of the Board and is admired by everyone for his geniality and sense of humor. He drives his new GMC Super Cab pickup to the donut shop every day.















Each Morning
at Boulder's

Donut Shop








































Bill, (foreground) a classic car collector, can tell you anything you might want to know about cars.















Gary, an electrician and amateur astronomer, and Wade, a retired IBM'er, who rebuilds Model T Fords, discuss the Universe.












Brownie - in the red hat - is quick on the verbal draw and always on the lookout for a good laugh.  Left to right: Switzer, Ollie and Lee.  Right: Brownie's trusty mug.                  

Dave ponders his next pun, while Terry grabs his last cup, before heading off to the job site. Meanwhile, Bob, too, takes a few more sips, before he cranks up his big diesel pickup and gets his day started.

Serious consideration is given to every major
issue on the daily agenda.