Plan your wardrobe as though you were planning to plant a garden filled with flowers. Decide how you want to appear- More youthful, sexier, more put together, more sporty, more business like.

Weed your garden - weed your closet - Look at your year round clothing and at the clothing you will be wearing for spring and summer.

Here is what you need to do:

Organize all clothing items by color. Trousers, shirts or tops, skirts or shorts.

Pull out any items that appear overly worn or dated.

Try on each item of clothing to see if the fit is proper.

Look at your shoes and other leather goods to see what you own.

Make outfits from your clothing much like you would plant related groups of flowers in your garden. If you will be wearing a jacket, see which of your tops and bottoms will pair with  the jacket to make an outfit.

When you are "making outfits" see if you can complete the outfit. Many people have wardrobe items that are lacking the right partner. These orphan wardrobe pieces need additional clothing partners for completion. Pull these items from your wardrobe to take on your shopping trip, or make the decision to delete them

Sometimes you will discover that you buy the same things most of the time. You may have focused on sporty trousers and Polo shirts. You may not own dressier trousers. Or perhaps you own mostly dressy trousers  and white business shirts. You may have nothing for a sporty look.

Perhaps you have over bought in some areas. Maybe you have twenty Oxford blue shirts or perhaps you own thirty-five white T-shirts. With that many it is difficult to find and sort "the best" from "the least."   See if you can reduce the number that you own by 20%. Each time a similar item enters your closet, one item that is there must leave.

Wardrobe Tips

Working with two colors in an outfit and one possible additional accent color will usually provide more of a harmonious look.

Be aware of the color contrast that you are putting together when you pair one outfit component with another outfit component. Color contrast that repeats the contrast of your hair/skin contrast is often most effective.

Avoid any color that makes one of your own personal colors (hair, skin, eyes, facial red) look less than wonderful. For example, if you have graying hair, lots of warm golden beiges and browns will not be your best hues. If you have "high red tones" in your face and you choose to wear orange, you will be creating a clashing situation. Some colors may be too weak or too bland for you. Other colors may be too strong or too harsh for you. Delete colors from you wardrobe that overpower you and render you invisible.

Finishing Touches

Hair is your crowning glory. Consider a new hairstyle. Many "hair Tools" that are available make thin hair thicker, add shine to hair, and make working with hair easier with better results. If you color your
hair, make certain that the color compliments your skin and eyes. A great cut is the basis for any hair style.

Update your makeup

Consider tooth whitening.

Indulge yourself with a spa treatment.

Finally, enjoy the freshness of spring, enjoy your fresh new look!

Debra Lindquist is an image consultant and a member of the Association of Image Consultants International.


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