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Famous Food Stop on the
I-25 Corridor


Established in 1951, by Joe S. Johnson, Johnson's Corner became not only a popular truck stop along what is now I-25, but also a famous cafe.

It received national recognition, when it was designated as one of the "Best Breakfasts in the World" by Travel and Leisure Magazine in 1998.

In addition to its tasty breakfasts, the cafe - which operates 24 hours a day every day of the year - i
s also known for its delicious cinnamon rolls and other house specialties which include: home-made pies and cakes, twists, apple fritters, and Long Johns.

Johnson's Corner's fame grew, when it was featured in a 1995 Hollywood movie, United Artists', Larger Than Life, which starred, Bill Murray.

And, he is only one of many celebrities, who have occasionally passed through the front door of Johnson's Corner - to join other hungry travelers, who have come to experience this short-order oasis
on I-25.