by Mel Fenson

The exciting sights and sounds of classy street rods and customized cars with cool paint jobs cruising Main Street in Longmont, Colorado on a summer night in July once again brought back memories of the good old days, when car buffs were allowed to cruise the downtown streets of Longmont. It was like a scene from “American Graffiti,” and everyone had a great time reliving the feeling of cruising on a Saturday night. People lined the streets to catch glimpses of restored cars ranging from Model A’s from the 20’s to street rods from the 50’s. Many other cars also joined in to be part of the fun.

Led by the Colorodans, the Saturday cruise preceded their 40th annual car club show, which was held the following Sunday in Longmont’s Roosevelt park. It had been held at the Boulder County Fair Grounds in previous years.

Formed in 1968, the club has members from Longmont, Boulder, Ft. Collins and Loveland. The club is a member of the National Street Rod Association and participates in some its annual national car shows, one of which is held each year at the Colorado State Fair Grounds in Pueblo.

Shown at the annual car show are: Classics - cars at least 25 years old, that have been restored to their original standards; Muscle Cars from the sixties, such as Camaros, Novas, Mustangs, and AMC's; Street Rods - that originated as hot rods in the fifties, which have been modified with late model running gear installed; and Custom Cars - which are cars from any year, designed with radical body modifications. They may be lowered and have skirts, grills, bumpers, taillights and dashes changed out to create unique looks. Engines range from originals to late model types.

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