The Colorodans hosted their big 35th Annual Car Show at the end of July.

Formed in 1968, the club has members from Longmont, Boulder, Ft. Collins and Loveland.

The show featured entries in several categories. They included: Classics - cars at least 25 years old, that have been restored to their original standards; Muscle Cars from the sixties - which included such powerhouses as Camaros, Novas, Mustangs, AMC's, and large Mopars, which are Chrysler products;  Street Rods - which are cars dating from 1948 or older that have been modified with late model running gear installed. They originated as low cost hot rods in the fifties; and Custom Cars - which are cars from any year, designed with radical body modifications to give them a streamlined look. They are usually lowered and have skirts. Grills, bumpers, tail lights and dashes are changed out to create special looks. Engines types range from original to late models.

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