esa Johnston always knew she wanted a career in art . She could draw before she could write. She completed her first oil painting at the early age of twelve.

A Colorado native, Tesa studied art at The Art Institute of Colorado in Denver and earned a degree in Graphic Design.

After graduation from art school, she began a career in graphic design as an art director at a top advertising agency in Colorado. There, she worked on a variety design and marketing projects and also became involved in the production of television commercials.

In addition to her commercial career, she always continued to paint. She has worked with a variety of art media, but prefers painting with oils. She now spends full time as a fine art painter. Her studio is located in Fort Morgan, Colorado. In addition to her original paintings, she also accepts commissioned oil paintings.

Tesa likes to travel to different locales to capture the unique beauty of each place. One of her favorite subjects is the Rocky Mountains. Her love for the Rockies was inspired during her childhood days, when she visited her grandparents, who had a cabin in Estes Park .

Her interest in both realism and impressionist art has influenced her evolution into a painting style she calls “Realistic Impressionism.”

Tesa’s work has been exhibited in the The A.A.U.W. juryed Art Show in Greeley and her work was recently exhibited in an exclusive showing at The Weld Library in Greeley. It is also scheduled for an exhibition at Life Source One gallery in Greeley later this year.

Tesa is a member of the Art Association of Greeley, a board member of the National Greeley Art Exhibition, a member of The Emerging Artist Leaders of Colorado, and a member of and contributor to The Americans for the Arts Action Fund.

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