Artist, painter and sculptor, Mehmet Ayanoglu, originally from Istanbul, Turkey, is gaining recognition in New York for his three-dimensional wire sculpture. His studio is in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York.

Mehmet works with three-dimensional wire to create both human and geometrically sculpted forms. In addition, his drawings utilize mixed media such as pen, industrial ink marker, colored pencil, and pastel. His style has evolved from his earlier paintings which were done with oil on canvas.

Mehmet received a Master of Arts in Communication Arts from the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) in New York City in 2001, where he was graduated with distinction. He also received a B.F.A in Painting in 1997 from Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul, Turkey.

To support his Master’s thesis, "The Effects of the Internet and Advanced Technology in NYC in the Year 2001," he created steel and aluminum wires sculptures to visually illustrate his thesis - because he says, “steel and aluminum wire are crucial elements in the structure of those developing technologies.”

His geometrical works originated as the result of experiments which reflected concepts from his earlier paintings. As a different twist to what painters traditionally do - apply oil on canvas, Mehmet said he wanted to move into a new three-dimensional realm, so he began working with aluminum-on-steel.

His background as a painter made him keenly aware of lines in drawings, but he wanted to expand beyond the confines of canvas, so he searched for a material that would parallel the character of lines on a two-dimensional plane. He discovered that aluminum wire and steel provided the solution he was looking for. He began creating abstract compositions out of steel that were finished with wire to provide a softer effect. He later eliminated the use of steel altogether and concentrated on using wire as an exclusive material to create his three-dimensional figures.

Mehmet’s works begin in geometrical forms, then he says, “I twist, bend, curve and bow the wire. Several days into a new project, a sculpture begins to take shape and I feel relaxed as I am no longer fighting the material. It eventually reveals itself to me and we then work together as one.” He further explains, “Sculptures that start as massive shapes become three-dimensional wire contoured human forms. “ Although his forms take shape as large figures, at the same time, he designs them to appear delicate and fragile.

A central theme he communicates through his wire figure works is his vision of the declining state of the common man. His figures are all frozen in desperate and suffocated poses which depict pain and a rebellion to the degradation of human values, identity and uniqueness in the chaos of the modern world.

Regarding his drawings on paper, Mehmet says, “I like to add color to my work. My drawings are somewhat an extension of my sculptures and vice versa. I try to inject rhythm and composition to represent certain impressions, such as the liveliness of my home town, Istanbul, by using abstract geometrical expressions to portray her architectural uniqueness.”

Mehmet’s work is becoming increasingly well known through his recent gallery openings in New York City.

Mehmet’s gallery exhibitions have included: Exodus at the Gallery at the Marmara Manhattan, Release Me at My Moon Art Space in Brooklyn, and In/ Out at the AG Gallery in Brooklyn.


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