A master painter, woodcarver, and mosaic designer, Jerry Kayem Alifui was born in Accra, the capital of Ghana. He lived there until the age of five, when he moved to his father's hometown in the Volta region. There, he farmed in the countryside and began to learn about basketweaving and other African crafts.

He returned to Accra five years later to resume his schooling. In addition to his academic studies, Jerry played football, ran track and pursued other activities. While he attended school, he earned money for his education by selling candies, cookies, and chocolate. He contributed to school fees for his younger sister and brother and helped with his family’s living expenses. He attended junior secondary school, then St. Thomas Aquinas Boy’s Day School in Accra, where he studied visual arts for three years.

After completing school, Jerry started a small business - the Kayem Culture & Art Gallery in Ghana, which offers a collection of unique handicrafts from Ghana, including mosaics, paintings, African Wear, Drums, Kente Cloths, Masks and Wood Carvings. In addition to his own work, the gallery also offers paintings and crafts by other artists of Ghana.

Multi-talented and enthusuastic, Jerry also offers creative workshops which provide instruction in African arts and crafts and he teaches African and Latin (salsa) dance.

Over the years, Jerry has spent time traveling and doing cultural research, and he has worked with tour groups from all over the continent, sharing his knowledge about his native country. He has traveled extensively in Ghana and has also traveled to Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Kenya, Switzerland, and the United States. He recently visited Longmont, Colorado, where he was hosted at an art opening at Deja Brew. Jerry’s work will also be exhibited during the month of November at NCAR in Boulder.

Always willing to help others, Jerry works in the community to support at risk kids. He is the co-founder of the Global Faawonu Organization, which is dedicated to providing a voice for street kids and at risk kids in Ghana and throughout the world. The word Faawonu means to “Reach Out.” (www.faawonu.org).

Jerry’s work is available online.
For information, visit:

or contact Jerry at:

Jerry Kayem Alifui
Kayem Culture & Art Gallery
Box AN 7048, Accra North
ph: 233-244606700


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