Charlotte Rossmann's interest in art was first kindled by Jackson Pollack, a famous avant garde artist in the 30’s and 40’s, known for his style of dripping paint onto canvasses to form abstract expressions of, "unconscious imagery." She got her first glimpse of his work when she was only seven years old. That experience fired her imagination and influenced her decision to become an artist.

“Over the years," she said, "I’ve learned to love other artists as well, including: Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, Alice Neel, Wayne Theibaud, David Hockney and Kitaj, to name a few."

In describing her work, she said, "Color speaks to me much like music does. As a painter, I am aware of the vibration between color and form and I like to explore ways they can be combined to morph into something entirely different.”

Much of Charlotte’s inspiration comes from cubism, an art movement that originated in Paris in the early 20th century. It has influenced how she shapes and manipulates objects. She says her work has, “Evolved from expressionistic realism to a Picasso type cubism-abstraction style.”

Originally from St. Louis, Charlotte has lived on and off in Colorado since 1981. She studied art at Southern Illinois University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in painting. She then received a Master of Arts degree in counseling from the University of Northern Colorado.

While studying art, she became interested in the use of deeper, moodier color combinations in contrast to her earlier use of color just for shock value. Consequently, her later work became darker, more moody and less avant-garde. She also learned her newer style was more interesting to commercial art galleries.

Charlotte’s work has been exhibited in Denver at Core New Art Space Gallery, Pirate and Spark galleries. Other exhibitions of her work have been held at the Loveland Museum, the Foothills Museum in Golden, the Emmanuel Gallery, the Auraria Higher Education Center in Denver, and at the Old Firehouse Art Center in Longmont. In addition to Colorado showings, her work has also been displayed at Alexandra Stevens Galleries in both Taos and Santa Fe. Her current work is represented by the Creative Eye Gallery in Denver.

In addition to her art career, Charlotte also works full time as an art teacher and counselor at St. John's elementary school in Longmont.

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