Mask, Nigeria
Zajicek Collection

Deep from within the dark and mysterious continent of Africa - come dazzling colors and primitive imagery expressed in woven basketry, musical instruments, masks of
exotic woods and skins, animal forms skillfully carved from ivory, jewelry, colorful textiles, clothing and unique furniture, plus photographic images of African bazaars and natives depicted in oil, watercolor and charcoal.

It all adds up to an exotic array of human endeavor, portrayed brilliantly in an exhibit of African Art from private collections assembled by Loveland, Colorado's Museum and Gallery.

Among the contributors were Loveland residents, Steve and Pat Farnham, who collected art, during their stay as Peace Corp volunteers in Ethiopia between 1962 and 1964. Jerry and Iva Zajicek, Jim Raughton and Daniel Berhanemeskel also contributed art to the exhibit.

Colorado Magazine Online's thanks to museum, curator, Janice Currier and the Loveland Museum/ Gallery for allowing us to photograph the collection and place it online.

Loveland Museum/Gallery
5th & Lincoln Streets
Loveland, Colorado



Photography by Mel Fenson
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