African Art
A Dazzling Exhibit of
Exotic Colors &
Primitive Imagery


Alan Heuer
New Mexico Artist

Angie Coleman
Taos Artist

New Mexico Artist
Dee Sanchez

The Sacret Arts of Bhutan

The Dragon's Gift
The Sacred Arts of Bhutan

Evan Colbert
Pop Art

Frank Applegate

Frank Applegate
Santa Fe Artist

Gamma Acosta
Graffiti Artist

Giovanna Paponetti

Giovanna Paponetti
Images of Native American &
Hispanic Cultures in the Southwest

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt Exhibit
at The Neue Galerie

in New York City

Jay Polite Laber
Creates Monumental
Rusted Wrecked Autos

Jerry Kayem Alifui
Art from Ghana

John Suazo

Taos Pueblo Sculptor

Jon Eggers
Automotive Art

JK Lamkin
Taos Artist



Jonathan Warm Day

Jonathan Warm Day
Memories of Taos Pueblo

Karen Olanna
Alaskan Sculpture

Karen Gillis Taylor
Fanciful Cityscapes
and other
M agical Interpretation


Katharine McKenna
Reflections of the
American West

Lynne Taetzsch
Abstract Art


Mark Martensen

Mark Martensen
Images of the Old West

Mystical Dimensions
Ron Argenta

Mary Barron's
Fused Glass Art

Mehmet Ayanoglu
New York
Sculptor Explores
New Dimensions

Magical Meg Fox
Explores the realm
of Myth & fantasy

Dvora Kanegis
Tango Artist

Linda Sole Faul
Country & Coastal

The Mystical World of
Canadian Inuit Art

Liz Kramer
Abstract &


R.C. Gorman
Vivid Colors and
Simple Lyrical Lines

Francisco Grippa
Amazonian Art

Pam Hays'
Whimsical Frogs

Peter Hurd, Henriette Wyeth,
Michael Hurd

Renowned Southwest Artists

Rance Hood's
Native American

Richard Knadle
New Mexico Artist

Rick Kersten
Images of Mexico


Rick Stoner
Master Still Life Painter

Sven Kenneth Swenson
Impressions of the Ozarks

Tesa Johnston's
Colorado Reflections



Joe Howard
Western Artist

& Other Treasures

The Arts in Colorado
The Old Firehouse
Art Center

Richard Powell's Norway
Watercolors & Travelogue

Kevin Red Star
Noted Native American Painter

Oriental Rugs
of the silk route

Charlotte Rossmann
Explores Cubisim

An Exhibit of Traditional
Retablos & Bultos

Donald Sayers
Stride in Color

Traveling In Style
Steve Spencer

Stevon Lucero's
Metarealism Art


Sushe Felix

Sushe Felix's
Abstract Art

explores the mysteries
of life and nature

Tracy Turner
Paints the Southwest

Doug West
Southwest Seriagraphs

William Fulton Soare
A Noted American Illustrator

Northern Peru

Archaeological treasures of
Northern Peru

Art & Culture of
An Ancient City

The Treasures of
Ancient Egypt
A Quest for Immortality

King Tutankhamun

& the Golden Age
of the Pharaohs

African Folklore Embroidery

Safari Through African Folklore Embroidery
A Book by Leora Raiken

Maureen Ruddy Burkhart

Big Skies in the West
by Fine Art Photographer
Maureen Ruddy Burkhart

American Photographer
Maureen Ruddy Burkhart
Travels to
China's 2011 Spring International
Photographic Week in Inner Mongolia



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